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          Welcome to Markham!

          Located just north of Toronto Ontario, Canada, the City of Markham is a vibrant municipality of more than 353,000.

          Experience our unique cultural attractions, stroll through our award-winning heritage districts in Unionville, Thornhill and Markham villages, or enjoy our year-round activities: world class theatre, the nationally acclaimed Varley Art Gallery, or walk back in time at Markham's 25-acre heritage museum.

          Markham is Canada's most ethnically diverse community - a wonderful place for everyone to live, work and play!

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          Markham Fair

          Markham Fair

          Thursday, October 3 - Sunday, October 6, 2019

          Adults $15, Seniors $10, Child 12 & under $5, Children 4 and under free.

          Location: 10801 McCowan Road

          The Markham Fair is one of the Canada oldest country fairs. Since 1844 the fair has been providing the community with a showcase for talents and products in a friendly competitive spirit. Markham Fair occurs annually on the weekend before Thanksgiving, and hosts upwards of 60,000 attendees. The community is further brought together to enjoy various forms of entertainment such as horse pull, demolition derby, tractor pull, midway rides and displays of farm animals.

          For more information visit

          Other Upcoming Markham Events Include:

          September 29-October 6: Navratri Festival

          October 17: Seniors Health Fair Extravaganza

          October 27: Spooky Sunday Halloween

          For more events, click here.

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